Recording Samples:

Band: Song:
Amaretto Lefty
Balkan Beat Box (live at The Empty Bottle in June of 2007) From The Stage 10.05.07
Beirut (live at The Portage Theater 10.04.07) From The Stage 11.30.07
90 Day Men (live on WLUW 88.7 FM) Too Late Or Too Dead
Pedro The Lion (live on WLUW 88.7 FM) Big Trucks

A trailer for the Jimmy Burns CD/DVD recorded live at Blues on Halsted for Delmark Records:

A trailer for the Tail Dragger DVD recorded live at Vern's Friendly Lounge in Chicago for Delmark Records:

A trailer for the Deep Blue Organ Trio DVD recorded live at the Green Mill in Chicago:

Other clients include:

Delmark Records (Jeff Parker, Scott Fields, Active Ingredients, Josh Abrams, Fred Anderson, Deep Blue Organ Trio featuring Bobby Broom, Jim Baker, The Chicago Luzern Exchange, Jazzomaniacs, Billy Bang and K'hail El Zabar's Ritual Trio, Tail Dragger, Hamid Drake, Mississippi Heat, Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble, Fast Citizens, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Jimmy Burns, Carey and Lurrie Bell, The Chicago Underground Trio, The Jazz-o-manics, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, Ari Brown Quartet, Sabretooth, Keefe Jackson's Project Project, Little Arthur, Brad Good, Rob Mazurek, Eddie C. Campbell), WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago, Missing Autumn, The Lost Boys, Mayfield, Angie Mead, Basik Instinct, Milkplow, J-Digg, David Alizo, Burning Bright, The Everglades, Milkplow, The Detholz!, Sleepwalker Defense, ESP, Action Heights Records, Seyarse (CCM Label), Yves Francois Et Rocambu Jazz, When She Falls, John Brown Battery, *tomsawyer, Piglet, Amaretto, He Who Corrupts Inc. (Tower of Rome), The Mighty Ohio, Preston, Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms, Jazz Conspiracy, Summer Set, Tiger!Tiger!, Cabaret, Buy Bullets, Tequila Driveby, Rebels Without Applause, Before The Dawn Heals Us, The Bollweevils, Curbstomp, The Great Showdown, Hirudin, Townes Music, David Chainsaw Dupont, Super Percy, The Muzzler, Cruciforms, Lifelike, Jai Uttal, The Chicago Children's Choir, Keefe Jackson's Project Project, The Modern Temper, Brave Combo, The Big Ten Network, Rager, Monsters Everywhere, The Prohibition Orchestra of Chicago, Along the Parallel, The Lost Cartographers, Bad Nurse, Samba Mapangala, Chicago Public Radio 91.5 FM, Nick Bognar, Radiant Darling, Sound Opinions (Dan Deacon @ Metro 05.07.09) The J3 Intent & more.

Live Recordings for Pitchfork TV

Broken Social Scene 07.17.10 @ Lincoln Hall, Free Energy 07.19.10 @ Lincoln Hall

Live concerts recorded for Radio M on WBEZ 91.5 FM

Nomo live at Schubas 04.15.07, Konono Nr. 1 live at the Empty Bottle 04.24.07, Esta live at The Lakeshore Theater 05.16.07, Mucca Pazza & Slavic Soul Party at Martyr's 05.17.07. Balkan Beat Box at the Empty Bottle 06.11.07, Mirror of the Invisible World at The Goodman Theater 06.19.07, Terima Son & A Flor De Piel @ Colibri Gallery 06.30.07, The Jesus House 07.01.07, Benni Hemm Hemm @ The Empty Bottle 07.09.07, Sones de Mexico, Forro In The Dark, Vieux Farka Toure & Grupo Fantasma @ The Old Town Folk & Roots Festival 07.15.07, The Pinkertones @ Green Dolphin Street 07.20.07, Grace Restaurant Jam Session 07.29.07, Occidental Brothers Dance Band International @ Summer Dance 07.26.07, Funkadesi @ Summer Dance 08.16.07, Can.Ky.Ree & Red Chamber @ The Hideout 08.23.07, Haale & The Yohimbe Brothers (featuring Vernon Reid of Living Color + DJ Logic) @ The Kinectic Playground 09.15.07, Brazzaville @ The Elbo Room 09.16.07, 17 Hippies & One Ring Zero @ Martyr's 09.18.07, Cyro Baptista and Beat The Donkey & MC Rai @ Martyr's 09.19.07, Watchers and Golem! @ Schubas 09.30.07, Beirut @ The Portage Theater 10.04.07, Zap Mama @ Martyr's 10.24.07, Brave Combo @ Fitzgeralds 12.01.07, Charlie Louvin @ Schubas 12.16.07, Yeasayer @ Schubas 02.08.08, Dengue Fever + Cordero @ The Empty Bottle 02.27.08, Firewater @ The Empty Bottle 05.30.08, Alla @ Schubas 06.13.08, Martin Olivares y Los Vencedores, The Iguanas, Les Primitifs du Futur, Dobet Gnahore @ The Old Town Folk & Roots Festival 07.13.08, Romeo y Julietta @ The Chicago Shakespeare Theater 07.22.08, The Spam Allstars @ Chicago Summerdance 07.31.08, The African Tribute to James Brown featuring Roy Hargrove, Vieux Farka Toure, Chiekh Lo, Fred Wesley & Pee Wee Ellis @ the UIC Forum 08.26.08, The Ex @ The Logan Square Auditorium 08.17.08, Baba Zula @ Martyr's 09.20.08, Alex Cuba & Etran Finatawa @ Schubas 09.22.08, Prasanna's Electric Ganesha Land Ensemble @ Martyr's 09.23.08, Vasen & Jayme Stone @ Schubas 09.24.08, The Eternals @ Martyr's 09.26.08, The Afromotive @ The Wild Hare 12.05.08, Kassin+2 @ The Old Town School of Folk Music 12.13.08, Y-Love and Diwon @ the Spertus Institute 01.08.09, Juana Molina @ The Morse Theater 02.22.09, Chicha Libre @ Martyrs 04.30.09, Vieux Farka Toure @ The Hideout 06.07.09

WLUW 88.7 FM Live sets:

I've also taped live sets at BLAM Recording for WLUW's Radio One Chicago featuring The Dissapointments, Viza Noir, Avocet, Monday's Hero, The Silent Treatment, The Methadones, Lying in States, Mt. St. Helens, Hanalei, Deminer, This is Me Smiling, The Phenoms, Barbeau, Rollo Tomasi, Haymarket Riot, Mexican Cheerleader, Even in Blackouts, Holdens Catch, The Detholz!, Open Heart Surgery, Exo, Duvall, Milk at Midnight, The Dutchmen, Velcro Lewis, The Moment, Sybris, The New Black, Tijuana Hercules, Architecture, The Industry, Tom Daily and the Volunteers, Oh My God, Blue Shade Witness, The Safes, Head of Femur, Douglass Kings, Dolorus Canter, Call Me Lightning, Chin Up Chin Up, Che Arthur, The Audreys, The Candyland Riots, Stories for Boys, The New Constitution, Goiter, Jenny Choi, Tenki, Blackprint, Division, The M's, 90 Day Men, Life at Sea, Light FM, Gidgets GaGa, Tubring, The Redwalls, Piglet, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Long Distance Runner, The Narrator, Timeout Drawer, Tight Phantomz, The Dirty Things, Pretty Girls Make Graves (live at The Bottom Lounge), The Changes, Phoenix Rising, RD Roth and the Issues, Seyarse, Hot Cross, Troubled Hubble, Dakota Dakota, Missing Autumn, Sleepwalker Defense, Pedal Steel Transmission, the Light Changes, TRS-80, Buried Beds, Shot Baker, The Atari Star, The Siderunners, The Race, The Decibators, Bear Claw, Pedro the Lion, Rescue, Lesser Scene, ZZZZ, J+J+J, The Powerups, Bound Stems, Bleeding Kansas, The Great Redneck Hope, The Dials, Bang Bang, The Pines, Danger Adventure, Faultlines, The Firebird Band, Zelienople, Colossal, Jesus and the Devil, Baby Teeth, Dare Diablo, Casey Meehan and the Delta Still, Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies, Organ Wolf, Mattithias, Branches, Clyde Federal, Grimble Grumble, Quasar Wut Wut, The Ruby Lee, Hirudin, The Symptoms, I/O, Poison Arrows, Big Buildings, Magnus, May or May Not, Mabel, Sleepout, David Singer and the Sweet Science, Canasta, Report!, Fetch, Red Eyed Legends, Telenovela, Driftless Pony Club, The Mighty Ohio, Archaeology, My Left Arm, New Sense, Far Rad, Quatra Tete, Mass Shivers, Grinner, Buy Bullets, Devil in a Woodpile, First Coat, Paul Degan, Das Kapital, Fuigernet, Darkmoor, The Bon Mots, Palliard, Early Risers, Unique Chique, Graham Smith, Amaretto, Deep Chicago Rhythm Owls, The Notes and Scratches, Paper Bullets, River Oaks, Radiant Darling, This is Cinema, The Midway Story, Sequoia, The It's, Blue Bottle, Holy Roman Empire, Tower of Rome, My Were They, The Brilliants, The Dudley Corporation, Ark of Limbs, The Superstar Virus, Musical Outfits, Unlucky Atlas, Princess, Dogme 95, Hexacron, Bruiser, Maps and Atlases, Poison Control, The Bomb, No Funeral, 3-2-1 Activate, Dialogue, The Thin Man, Menthol, Inspector Owl, The Rikters, The Logic of Elliott, For All I Care, Jonny Rumble, The Infrasonics, Mannequin Men, Store Bought Rebels, Casey Meehan, Andy Wagner, Ben Clark (of Lying in States), Boys on Trial, Model Leaf, The Drastics, Scale Model, volcano!, Oso (live at The Beat Kitchen) and Occidental Brothers Dance Band International (live at Hothouse).