Remote Recording + Studio Recordings at an affordable price

Evil Plan to Record the World now offers 40 tracks of mobile recording in addition to great studio recordings. This is a great way to record an inexpensive demo. Simply record your next concert, then bring all of the individual tracks back to the studio to mix (or you can save money by mixing them yourself).

Here's a list of venue's in Chicago that I've recorded concerts at: The Civic Opera House, The Rubaloff Auditorium at the Art Institute of Chicago, The Beat Kitchen, The Double Door, The Bottom Lounge, Subterranean, Buddy Guy's Legends, The Old Town School of Folk Music, Rosa's, The Green Mill, The Velvet Lounge, The Chicago Theater, The Empty Bottle, Martyr's, The Portage Theater, The Logan Square Auditorium, Summerdance, The Elbo Room, Schuba's and Vern's Friendly Lounge.

New releases recorded by Eric:

Delmark Records has released 2 new DVDs. The first is with Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, recorded live at Fred Anderson's Velvet Lounge. The second features Ari Brown recorded live at the Green Mill. I also mastered Brad Goode's newest CD, "Nature Boy."

Dance Club Massacre has signed with Black Market Activities (Psyopus, Ed Gein, The Red Chord). Black Market Activites is distributed by Metal Blade Records (GWAR, King Diamond, Cannibal Corpse). DCM came to the attention of BMA by label alumni, Psyopus. Dance Club Massacre play noisy, experimental grindcore with lots of thrash, punk and indie undertones in the vein of An Albatross, Horse the Band and Daughters. The group recently finished remixing and re-mastering their debut record "Feast of the Blood Monsters" at Evil Plan To Record The World's Home Base. Dance Club Massacre has received over 1 million plays on myspace. Become their friend here!

Delmark Records has just released three new CD/DVDs that I worked on. They are "Gettin' Up Live" by Carey & Lurrie Bell, "Chronicle" by the Chicago Underground Trio and Sunset Cafe Stomp by The Jazz O' Maniacs. You can find out more information here.

I have just finished a new record for Chicago artist Pete Carney. This CD was recorded at Delmark's Riverside Studio and mixed at Evil Plan To Record The World's Home Base. Several audio samples from the new record are available at Pete's site.

Delmark Records has just released Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens "Ready Everyday." This CD was recorded at Delmark's Riverside Studio and has been labeled "superb nuanced postbob" by The Chicago Readers Peter Margasak. You can read the entire article here.

Two more Delmark DVDs were recently released. The first features Chicago's Deep Blue Organ Trio recorded live at the Green Mill in May of 2005. The features Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble recorded at the original Velvet Lounge in July of 2005. Both were mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

Delmark Records has released 2 new DVDs. The first is with Mississippi Heat, recorded live at Rosa's in Chicago. The second features Tail Dragger live at Vern's Friendly Lounge. Both are available now and were mixed in 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS Surround Sound as well as stereo.

Team AV just released the new Piglet EP entitled "Lava Land." Check out a review here.

Delmark Records has released their first DVD. It's the Ritual Trio with Billy Bang Live at The River East Arts Center. It's available now and was mixed in 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS Surround Sound as well as stereo. Steve Wagner and myself recorded this DVD live to 24 tracks of Protools and then mixed it back at Riverside Studio.

Polyvinyl Records released a limited quantity of the ZZZZ set recorded for WLUW. This CD is available for free if you purchase ZZZZ's new album "Palm Reader" from Polyvinyl's website.

Two new jazz albums mastered by Eric are available now on Delmark Records. The first is called "More Questions Than Answers" by Jim Baker. The second is the latest release from the Chicago Luzern Exchange entitled "Several Lights." Both CDs are available now from the Jazz Record Mart.

Jade Tree has released 3 songs that Pedro the Lion recorded live at BLAM for WLUW's Radio One. The 6 song EP entitled Stations features live versions of "Big Trucks," "Of Minor Prophets" and "Their Prostitute Wives" along with 3 songs recorded live in Toronto for CBC Radio. Stations is available exclusively through itunes. For more info, click HERE.

Contraphonic Records will be releasing the live set recorded by The Branches last year. The EP will be entitled "Beards on Fire" and should be available Febuary 1st. This CD is available for preordering from Contraphonic's website.

Local jazz quintet ESP recently released their debut album "Depth." This cd was recorded at Riverside Studios (home of Delmark Records) and was mixed and mastered at BLAM. CDs are available from the band. For more info, check out their website.

Three new jazz albums mastered by Eric are available now on Delmark Records. The first is called "Deep Blue Bruise" by Deep Blue Organ Trio (featuring Bobby Broom, Greg Rockingham, and Chris Foreman). The second is a live album featuring Kahil El'Zabar and David Murry entitled "We Is, Live at The Bop Shop." Guitarist Jeff Parker (of Tortoise) and Scott Fields collaborate on the last release entitled "Songs Songs Song." All three of these albums are available now from the Jazz Record Mart.

The new Tower of Rome CD (entitled "All is Lost...All is Lost...All is Yet To Be Found") is now available from He Who Corrupts, Inc. for the sweet price of $9.00. Tower of Rome will be having not one, but two CD release parties for this record. Check out the He Who Corrupts site for more info. I've posted a song off of "All is Lost...All is Lost...All is Yet To Be Found" on our mp3 page and you can check out a recent reviewHERE.

The Dirty Things new EP "Movement Making Noises" is now available. This 6 song EP was mixed at BLAM. A review of "Movement Making Noises" by Jim DeRogatis appeared in the July 23rd issue of the Chicago Sun-Times. You can read that review here. The Dirty Things EP was also reviewed by Monica Kendrick in the July 30th issue of the Chicago Reader. Here's what the Reader had to say about "Movement Making Noises":

...This local quartet's new debut EP, "Movement Making Noises" (52 Girls), is icy 80s postpunk right down to the cover art-spiky and jittery and wired, with springy guitars and uneasy rhythms, it's rock 'n' roll to get the shakes to. "Cut and Dry" is two minutes and 45 seconds of strung out nervous energy, like a muscle tic that just won't stop.

The split 12 inch vinyl featuring Seyarse and La Mantra De Fhiqria is now available from Curtain Call Music or 404 Records. The 3 songs by Seyarse were mixed at BLAM.

The new 4 song EP from Sleepwalker Defense (ex-John Brown Battery, ex-Bolweevils) entitled "Weddings and Funerals" is now available on Go Deaf Records. These 4 songs were recorded and mixed at BLAM.

The "Live on WLUW" double CD is now available from both Redline Distribution and Insound. The two disc collection (mastered at BLAM) features some of the greatest live performances from Backstage Pass and the Full On Friday show. 38 songs in total. The bands featured on this CD (in alphabetical order) are: Analog Radio, Che Arthur, Andrew Bird, Black Print, Call Me Lightning, Chalet Chalet, Colossal, Tom Daily, Dakota/Dakota, Deminer, The Detholz!, Duvall, Exo, Hanalei, Corey Hance of The Cells, Haymarket Riot, Head of Femur, The Industry, The Lackloves, Lying In States, The Moment, Mt. St. Helens, New Black, Oh My God, The Read Letter (featuring Nate Van Allen of the Siderunenrs), Riviera, Rob from Downtown Tripper Mind, Rollo Tomasi, R.D. Roth, Simian, Sparklejets UK, Steve and Diane of Dolly Varden, Steve and Liam of Frisbie, Stolie, Suffrajett, Tijuana Hercules, Troubled Hubble, and Viza Noir. Pick up a copy and help support a station that supports alot of local bands. Check out a review of the "Live on WLUW" double CD over at

December Calls have just released their new CD which was recorded at Delmark's Riverside Studio and here at BLAM! It sounds great, so make sure you check it out.

The sampler for Quincy Shanks Records that I mastered is now available online and it's FREE!!!! This CD features 12 songs by groups like Faction of the Fox, Black Print, Biscayne, Littleman Complex, The 4-Squares and more. You can get your free copy here.

I mastered 2 records last month for Delmark Records. The first was a live recording at the Harold Washington Library by Vibraphonist Duane Thamm. The other record was for Kalaparush and the Light. These 2 records are available now.

Missing Autumn's EP "The Ambient Girl Has Learned to Speak" is now available on Getaround Records. These guys are playing in February at the Fireside with Since By Man. This CD rules and it's on a great label, so what are you waiting for??? Go get a copy.

Three new albums by saxophonist Fred Anderson, bassist Josh Abrams and Chad Taylor's Active Ingredients are available now on Delmark Records. Both the Josh Abrams record and the Fred Anderson record feature local post-rock guitar hero Jeff Parker from Tortoise. The Fred Anderson album, entitled "Back at the Velvet Lounge" has just reached #14 on CMJ's Jazz Chart after just 2 weeks of rotation. A review of Josh Abrams "Cipher" appeared in the New York Times December 21st, 2003. You can check that out here. There was also a review in the Chicago Reader that you can check out here. All three records were mastered by me. Very cool stuff on a great label.

Blackprint's EP, "Movement," was released August 1st on Quincy Shanks Records. Movement features 5 songs that were recorded at BLAM earlier this year. It's only 4 bucks, so make sure you pick up a copy. There's a great review of "Movement" on this webzine called In the Periphery.

The live set that we recorded for Michael McDonald at the Chicago Theatre in October is mixed (and sounds amazing). The performance was recorded live to 32 tracks of protools and will be available as a bonus CD when you purchase his latest release "Motown" from the QVC Network. For more info, look HERE.

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